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Highlight: Lunar: Eternal Blue – Zophar’s Domain (Sega CD)

Eternal Blue separates itself from its predecessor with 500 years and 500 new moments of frustration, courtesy of its sprawling dungeons and unexpected difficulty sprites. Still, it’s a massive mechanical improvement over Eternal Blue in both a story and a design sense, lessening the gap between the PlayStation remakes and the Sega CD originals on which they were based.

In true cinematic RPG fashion, Eternal Blue saves most of its fireworks for the last few hours of the game, which are shared in this video. The footage begins with the long-threatened reveal of the game’s ultimate antagonist and ends with a final farewell from our heroes. The ending is somewhat bittersweet, but Game Arts was kind enough to give us a post-credits opportunity to do something about that; something I may take up later this year, if the mood strikes.

Some of these final bosses were some of the hardest fights in the game by far (well, with one notable exception). The video trims out all of the failed attempts and broken battles, leaving just the fights that yielded the endgame. The final dungeon, being a long and twisted labyrinth of confusion, is here mostly intact, however, including all the unnecessary backtracking and bearings hunting that made its traversal take so long.

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