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Longplay: Final Fantasy VI (Super Famicom), Part 1

Since starting a YouTube channel, a long term goal of mine has been to upload a longplay of each mainline Final Fantasy game. With the shortest of the titles still clocking in at 20-30 hours, it’s a lofty quest, one I’ve made very little progress in. I managed to pull it off with Final Fantasy VII Remake within two months of its release. A near-complete playthrough of Final Fantasy XV sits in bits and pieces on my neglected Twitch channel. The single video that chronicles the Shadow Lord questline in the original Final Fantasy XI qualifies in a loose sense, I suppose.

Other than that, most of my Final Fantasy videos are short highlights. Boss fights, memorable moments, fake endings, etc. Capturing that much footage without anything going wrong tends to be a big ask.

With that in mind, I’ve made it to the cinematic halfway point of Final Fantasy VI, and things are looking good. The MiSTer’s 5X video output looks incredible. The Ted Woolsey translation patches haven’t resulted in any unwanted crashes. And save for an hour of failed experimenting with the MSU-1 music patch, I haven’t lost any progress or been forced to replay any sections.

This video represents the first half of the game from Terra’s iconic magitek march into Narshe, to the game’s Big Moment that changes the cast forever. While I have a Final Fantasy variant of the new R2Kade intro ready to go, Final Fantasy VI’s unique “thunderstorm” entr’acte is a wonderful platform for something a little more playful as title cards go.

Over ten hours of Squaresoft’s masterpiece follow…

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